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Are you wearing jewelry according to your style and uniqueness?

Are you wearing jewelry according to your style and uniqueness?

  • By - Pendalace Admin
  • 03 November, 2019

People come in all styles and shapes. Sizes too! But isn’t it unnatural that most of us are stuck with the same style of jewelry?

Except for a few, most of us prefer not to experiment with our looks, do we? That’s why the new fashion trends and unconventional styles get limited only in fashion shows. They don’t make an appearance among the general public.

Another reason is the unavailability of truly unique statement jewelry in regular stores.

But there are still a wide variety of options for you to set your individuality proudly and perfectly.

This applies to men too! I believe most men tend to walk away uncomfortably from conversations about jewelry and fashion as if they seldom apply to them. With the right kind of fashion jewelry and pendant chains, men also can enhance their looks and bring out their style.

Let’s look at some fashion jewelry pieces that are aimed at your temperament and character.

1. Bold & Bright Ones

Some of us are wrought in a way that they exude confidence and dynamism. They are either always on the driver’s seat or prefer to be. Malleable folks often flock to them and regard them as heroes. If you are in their clan, you may be able to pull off any of the pendants in our collection.

Take a look at the majestic golden tiger here. It’s perfect if you think you are like the knight of the jungle—powerful, daring, and dominating.

2. Colorful & Playful

Showing a certain amount of color is essential in all of our lives. Most fashion houses don’t want us to flaunt too much color though. It’s inelegant according to some of them. The color black has a brilliant fashion legacy. But if you lean the other way, the more colorful way, then get one like this peacock pendant, which is brilliantly colored.

3. The Romantic

The romantic ones among us want a more sublime, dreamy, feel-good life, and enriching experiences. Symbolism is quite an important aspect of their lives. For some romantics, the effort that went into making a piece counts more than its looks or price. That’s why they love hand-crafted items. Also, romantics love the pieces made from natural precious and semiprecious stones.

There are also those inseparable romantics who prefer to buy matching pieces and the pieces with parts that join together to form a whole, such as the one below.

4. Individuality

There are also throngs of people who accessorize according to who they are. The pendants with the letters of the alphabet are perfect for those people. Some of them also love a chain that shows the year they were born. Some love to show off their zodiac sign. They love to indicate their self-identity through their accessories.

5. Nature & Pet Lovers

Do you love the nature? Which means flora and fauna? There are a bunch of items for you too. Nature and pet lovers identify their unique affectionate feelings towards specific animals and birds. That’s why they want to show off their love for their pets by wearing a piece of jewelry. There are several collections for you. For instance, check out this British bulldog pendant.

6. Career-Oriented People

People who are all about their career also can bring about their individuality through their accessories. For instance, if you are an emergency medical team member with the Red Cross, the pendant with that logo shown below may be a perfect one for you to kiss before you embark on every rescue mission.

Also, imagine you are a paleontologist. Wouldn’t you love to wear this T-Rex pendant?

I hope you have had fun sifting through these pieces of jewelry. There is one for everyone. It has become quite a necessity to accessorize in the right way, and there are inexpensive and high-quality ways to do that. In essence, try to be creative with your looks. Bring out that uniqueness in you. Statement jewelry is all about unique outlooks.

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